Consumer Complaints & Negative Reviews

My claim submitted last Thursday for and on 15 December last year still has not reach National bargaining council, Incompetence I have experience in terms of payment You Guys are so dismal and You don't care, You Adcorp Blu are really useless.
complaint #501 - Service Issues
My adult son finally boarded a Translux bus in Plett destined for Cape Town today, 16 Jan 2018. The bus never arrived on time, in fact it was 2 hours late. After being very patient for far too long I decided to attempt to call TRANSLUX. I struggled but finally got through. During the 14 calls trying to get info, I received nothing but bad attitude, bad service & no information as to where the bus was, where it was coming from or the correct info as to why the delay. One lady basically to be grateful she called me back, even though she had no idea as to where the bus was. On my last call with Translux a lady said the bus was stuck in Plett traffic. Really??? Plett has no traffic & the bus comes directly off the N2 into Shell Ultra City. We waited & waited..Eventually I spoke to a bus driver from City to City who told me the bus was broken down in Storms River. When the bus finally arrived, the driver was disgustingly rude, never said "Hello" or apologised for the delay. He never got off his seat or offered to put my sons bags in the hold/baggage area. The bus was very full but there were seats available in the front so my son politely asked him if he may sit there. The driver rudely replied that he must sit where he is told & that the front seats were for people with no legs. My son had to leave his luggage at the front of the bus & is now sitting at the back, without any view of his bags. When I asked the bus driver what the reason was for the 2 hour delay he said "roadblock". Really? All the other busses coming from that direction seemed to manage to arrive at Plett Ultra City on time! I was then told to step down off the bus & the door was closed in my face. I pray that my son arrives safely in Cape Town with his luggage.

In future, if there is no other bus service available other than Translux, I would rather choose the option of travelling by donkey.


PS I tried to contact Translux's Head Office by using the number on the website but the number no longer exists!
Awesome service - NOT!!!
complaint #500 - Service Issues
Reply by Mzi Nocuthu on 13 September, 2018
I have lost my laggage travelling with translux from Durban to Pretoria.i could not get help from the driver,to the officed and client service line is a disgrace.since monday on 10/09/18 up untill today i have not get any help or explanation.I'm frustrated i've lost everything.

I have been calling your company the entire day more than 20 times every hour to try to get through each time it rings and then goes to an engaged tone, it only rings s few times then goes to that, this person is not answering but dropping the calls purposely.
complaint #499 - Other Issues
Its been two weeks since I've been waiting for my delivery till today all I hear is lies after lies, If I do not get ALL of my furniture today I am canceling my account am really tired of running after them.
complaint #498 - Delivery Issues
I was given R50 notes in between R200 notes so my money was short by R400. I called 4 times and the phone wasn’t picked up. When they finally picked up the lady who served me realized her mistake and she kept on saying sorry my dear no problem.
complaint #497 - Service Issues
Order was placed an hour before the delivery time was give it’s now 1 hour 15 mins late and the order is still not here
When I called in the lady tells me the orders leaving now and I’m expected to pay for the delivery
complaint #496 - Delivery Issues
Credit not passed on Vodacom Account dated Nov 2017
Shocking service. Since 16 Dec I have visited your Canal Walk offices in Cape Town, being asked to email 5 different persons at Vodacom, phoned call center countless times and emailed your CEO on 21 Dec 2017 and again today and still have had no response. Each time provided proof of payment and was told that Vodacom had technical download problems with electronic payments in Nov and the problem would be resolved. Some of the responses I received were to double pay and credit would be passed to avoid being blacklisted for non-payment which has nothing to do with the problem as I did pay, Dispute was logged on 18 Dec 2017 and nothing has been done. This afternoon received my statement dated 3 Jan 2018 and the amount of R874.18 has still not been credited. How will this be resolved ????????
complaint #495 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
I sent my fridge in for a service, made a not about one scratch mark that was present on delivery. On delivery of the fridge after service, I noticed multiple deep scratches on the fridge. When I reported it to the owner of the company, Mr. Johannes Beckmann, he was very rude and disrespectful over the phone. He shouted at me repeatedly and denied seeing any of the scratches that I reported. And refused to deliver my fridge again. He also hasn't made a plan as to whether he is going to fix the scratches or how he will address this problem that they caused. In the end, my fridge was damaged externally by the company, and I was treated poorly as a client with a complaint. And they are reluctant to do anything about the problem. The worst part is that this is the owner and manager that treats his clients like this, so there is no one in a higher position to report the way he treats his clients.
complaint #494 - Customer Service Issues
We were camping at buses from Thursday Sunday when we woke up our stuff has been stolen two pairs brand new caterpillars boots our brand new Nike bags with our clothes in cooler bag our children bags our baby kiembies our slippers all gone when we wake up tracks of a Wheely bin were found on the ground we couldn't take pics ou phone was flat.
complaint #493 - Customer Service Issues
Good day

I Shadi Selepe have experienced bad attitude and bad service from the same person twice.the first incident I had with this lady was when I went for my HIV test and she assisted me with that, the problem started when I got into the room when I greeted her she did not greet me back she immediately asked for questions regarding HIV test which I did not have a problem with, mind you she was chewing gum throughout so after that we did the test when the results came out I wanted to take a picture of them so she pulled the test away from me while she was on a phone call and after her phone conversation she said to me "what are you doing?" Then I replied...I just want to take a picture of my results and she said no it's a window period.which I don't know what that means so I thought its something to do with my menstruation cycle so because she did not explain the window period I said to her...after my menstruation I should come back and her reply was "who said anything about your menstruation cycle" and I said...but you she window period and she said just come back after six weeks this was on the 9th December 2017.the second incident that I had with the same laby was when I came for migraines so I walkedd in the clinic and waited at the help desk where I have to get the time that I entered the clinic and she comes to assist me she set down on her chair and staired at me so I greeted her n she shook her head whiles stairing at me so I ask politely asked her for the time and she asked me what I came to the clinic for, I told her that I have migraines so she gave me the not knowing that the procedure has changed in the clinic I went to sit down fortunately on the correct queue not knowing that I need to have a number as well because the guy before had a number and the time so did everyone else in the queue and they got the number from the same lady who gave me the time she I went back to her and asked her about the number which everyone has and I don't have and she said what number do you need because everyone has for a different purpose and I told her that the person before has a number so does everyone else she why am I different to all of them that was the question I needed an answer to but instead of her answering me she just gave me a number and I ask her the same question again and she said...I gave you a number so go and have a seat. Because I felt disrespected I than ask her for her name and she said do you want my name...I asked her for her name again and then she looked down and shook her head, unfortunately she didn't have a name badge but I remembered her name from the previous time when I went for my HIV test, Her name is Katlego but I didn't know her last name...I am honestly not happy with how she treated me she doesn't have a good attitude at all this was on the 8th January 2018.

Yours faithfully
Shadi Selepe
complaint #492 - Customer Service Issues
I visited Medirite Pharmacy Kempton Park on 2018-01-08. I bought medication for cash. I requested to buy some by medical aid. I was told by the consultant that I am wasting her time by using my medical card and she was doing this in a very rude and unprofessional manner. At that time there was no queue, no person behind me. I was very very angry and left the store without getting the said medication as the situation was unbearable.
complaint #491 - Customer Service Issues
I find it unfair the treatment I'm getting at one of your branches.on the 29th my money was deducted twice it's not the first time.last I did get my refund now they telling me stories. Pls, look to it before I took it further steps my I'd 8001130255086 Mrs p. Ntsali
Last month they did the same thing.and I did get my refund now they telling me about October which I did came and report.I have changed my date for payment since I changed company''s been two days without any explanation.i need my refund.
complaint #490 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Upon reading that your hotel is located 200 meters from the Waterfront, I had booked two rooms for 2 nights at the Protea Fire and Ice in Cape Town through and another 2 rooms for 2 nights through Protea directly. Your review states that your hotel is located 200 meters from the Waterfront which is totally misleading. Upon arrival at the hotel, there was no friendly welcome whatsoever. There was no welcome drinks, or anything else to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. When booking I requested that the rooms either be inter-leading or next door to each other. I called in personally and confirmed and was assured this was not going to be an issue. Yet upon check-in, it did become and issue. The check-in clerk told me that there was a problem with my booking and that the rooms were on different floors, and unfortunately there was nothing that he could do for me. I stated that that was going to be a problem as there was no way I was going to have my children on another floor. Well, after some time, he said he was going to "make a plan" for me and move us next to the pool, both rooms next to each other. Wow, it's amazing how people can actually "make a plan" for you these days. Well, no need to stress to you just how tiny your rooms are!! For the price one pays, its quite ridiculous. No bar fridge, not enough towels, no place to hang your towels or change in private if one wanted privacy, you'd have to go into the toilet to get dressed!! Second room had one bed only? Two days later, I went down to reception to do the check in, check out and check in again and voiced my disappointment, again, was told they were "overbooked" and couldn't help. A lady by the name of Amanda overheard me and said she'd try and see what was going on. She went on to say how booked up they were and that it was too late to do anything. I questioned if all her guests had checked in already, and she said no. I suggested that if not everyone had already checked in, surely she could move things around to accommodate me? She greed and immediately found us 2 rooms next to each other on the 2nd floor. These rooms turned out to be slightly better. I also mentioned to Amanda that we'd like to have dinner at the hotel on New Years Eve. She said as far as she knew they were booked up but "she'd make a plan". On New Year's Eve, I went down to the restaurant just to make sure everything was in order for dinner. There was no reservation for my family and myself. Apparently they were booked up and got nothing from Amanda regarding my dinner reservation. I asked for the manager and he said the same. I then questioned if I should go elsewhere and was told that they were going to call Amanda. They did, and went on to say that there was only one table left and that was at the doorway. I asked for other tables and was told that all they guests knew exactly where they were sitting that night so they couldn't move us. Well we sat there, at the door-way whilst every single person that passed by bumped our table and drinks!!
Upon check out, I was asked for my credit card and informed the lady that I didn't have it on me, and I could give her another card. And as she swiped the payment, she went on to say, "well the other payment will take 3 to 4 days to clear!!" I explained that I needed that money (R25 000.00) to continue my vacation, and she cynically said: "oh well, it needs to go to accounting and today is a public holiday, so oh well..." She went on to laugh with Amanda and I felt belittled and mocked whilst other guests just stared at me, as if to say "why don't you have another R25000 just ready to be used immediately"?? AS I walked out, I could hear Amanda and the girl talk about me?? Seriously, who trains these people? Why would you go out of your way to belittle someone? And Management seems to condone this behavior the whole time??
complaint #489 - Other Issues
I am highly upset!
Today I ordered a pizza from Debonairs (Malmesbury). After giving my details for delivery. I waited from 11:06 until 01:00. After I phoned to follow up where my order is the lady told me that the driver couldn't find me so he will come back again. Afterwards I met the driver outside with a very arrogant tone telling me that " It is his petrol and the company don't give him money for petrol" Why is this my fault?? If the proper details were given to him he wouldn't have to drive in circles. He didn't even apologise for bringing the food late!!!
complaint #488 - Delivery Issues
From starter to Main dishes. Food had to be send back twice to no avail. Chips undecooked and fish overcooked. Kiddies nuggets undercooked - send it back still came back undercooked. All four main meals sub standard. Worst Ocean basket that we have eaten at.
complaint #487 - Product Issues
Today is my boyfriend's birthday and we had booked prior for a day spa package which according to the consultant was breakfast and lunch on email when we got to the spa at sibaya we was told its only breakfast. however, issues were addressed with the branch manager. next issue was we was given a literally torn gown to wear which is unacceptable and then offered an almost transparent cotton gown which showed my boyfriend's underwear not good.....we was later given a better gown and taken to the shoulder massage i was left on three accounts unattended by the therapist with her not even excusing herself and sent an unknown therapist to me just stating hi . i strongly advise consumers not to use mangwanani as my boyfriend was left traumatized with the experience another issue was our feet was washed in bowls that had rust in them.
Other Issues Photo

complaint #486 - Other Issues
I have received 12 years of service from Cell C service provider and no problems of any kind. I was persuaded by someone to take out a vodacom contract, to my regret. I am currently 1 mnd and 2 days at vodacom and has been stranded for 4 days during this time due to communication. It is not that we are out of reach of cellphone reception in Ladismith western cape, the mistake is at their towers. At the same time i used my old Cell C phone and phoned clients and they could reach me. I complain about it to their service centre and they will respond in 48 hours.I will terminate the contract because they do not provide the service the promise. Why go from a good service provider ( cell c), than to a weaker one (vodacom). NICE SERVICE VODACOM, i will not recommend anyone to you !!!!!!!!!
complaint #485 - Service Issues
I went to Finbond in East London about the issue of fraud I reported early last year. The lady who responded to me at Finbond in Buffalo centre at East London was rude. She just said I was not supposed to enter because they are closed. I went out without being assisted. At the time I went there it was 11:20 when it's written they close at 11:30. The date was 30/12/2017
complaint #484 - Customer Service Issues
The stay was very unpleasant as the air conditioner on multiple nights was not working.The staff was unfriendly due to being the only employee trying to complete many tasks.The hallways were noisy until the mornings.
complaint #483 - Other Issues
Chicken was burnt & chips very dry, called Mochachos Braamfontein to complain & spoke to the manager who then said I should bring it back, to my understanding I assumed I was going to get a proper meal,he (Roland) was rude & didnt assist me,even had the nerve to say I can do what ever I want to do he's not interested.
complaint #482 - Customer Service Issues