Consumer Complaints & Negative Reviews

Travelling down Garsfontein street on 10/11/2018 with my boyfriend, I used my phone's camera function to apply make-up in the car as we were late for a function. A Menlyn Taxi Ass Taxi Driver showed me the middle finger and I just waved at him. (I was not driving and in the passenger seat and thus not endangering anyone.) Between the next two traffic lights the driver tried to push us off the road several times. The poor passengers of the taxi bumped their heads against the windows of the taxi and I could hear them screaming in fear.
We took the first side street exit we could to avoid confrontation and damage to our car.
Things like this should not happen. The driver did not just endanger his life and ours, but also his passengers and the rest of the road users.
I have also noticed some of your company owned taxis were driving on the soft shoulder of the road and use the yellow line as a make-shift loading zone. This damages the road and ambulances from Pretoria East Hospital cannot pass traffic due to this.

Please ensure that the drivers have valid licences and know the rules of the road. I do not want to see anyone hurt, injured or deceased due to reckless and down-right dangerous driving.
complaint #619 - Other Issues
On 10/11/18 went to Barcelos (Berea) order the R132.90 full chicken meal ,firstly there was no one at the till to take my order while they were just sitting and chatting, and then there was a problem with speed point-network issues they said (Understandable), went to withhdraw money came back got my order only to notice that the garlic roll was not there but some small regular rolls definitely not garlic roll, went back to the store I was told there were no garlic rolls..I asked why wasnt I told that when I ordered answer and I was offered fried chips which I told them I didnt want if I wanted a meal with fried I was gonna buy one.... in a few seconds they told they have found one..the garlic roll( I dont know where it came from because they were certain that they didnt have any on stock) ..went home ...and than I found that the chicken was VERY VERY BAD..tasted was old,hard and all sorts of wrongs
Im very disappointed since I have been supporting this business since 2012...
complaint #618 - Product Issues
I bought stir fry this afternoon at around 15:55 then when I opened the container, it was rotten. I went to back to the shop to lodge a complaint about the product. The security and the cashier were friendly and willing to help then they called their manager who came and started asking me that whe is the plastic not full, I told him that I bought it like that and usually stir fry doesn't fill the container. He started shouting and mocking me in front of other customers calling me names and refused to refund me my money telling me to go to hell. Everyone started laughing.
complaint #617 - Product Issues
My sister was on the bus from bloemfontein to paarl on 30 sep 2018.
the driver of the bus was rude to my sister he told us that it is not his job to do the luggage and he said he is in a hurry he need to go to cape town still.

She lost her bag that was in the boot of the bus. we fill in a claim lost luggage form . and it is now 4 weeks past and no respond from trunslux. Khensani give me a number 011 774 8328 nobody answer the phone. i also phone her number at 021 5050743 and nobody answer the phone .She give me a email to mail my complain cja*** if i sent the email its sent a report back .It is not working. Please try to phone christine jacobs on 0117748328 see if somebody answer the phone. nobody answer!!! Can someone please help us?
complaint #616 - Other Issues
I found a worm inside 2kg brown rice. I am so disgusted! I bought it from Spar in Hillcrest. Please advise what to do in this regard.

I am so disappointed.
complaint #615 - Product Issues
I bought a bedroom suit on laybuy on the 13 January 2018 and finished my instalment on the 8 September 2018 and they delivered on the 11 September only to find out the mirror was broken they took it bad and they came back on the 13 September 2018 with incorrect bedroom suit and they took it back and come back again on the 29 September 2018 again brought a wrong bedroom suit which I bought king size but came queen size till now they are refusing to exchange it they give me a runner round it's almost two months now.
complaint #613 - Delivery Issues
Been to Nandos 3 times, always get told offer not available. Drive through and car park empty. Bad service by cashier . Unaware of menu details
complaint #612 - Product Issues
enjoyed my meal with my family and the waitress was very kind and efficient. ..however upon leaving I asked a straw at the front desk...ansie was very dismissive and full of bad attitude as she responded pointing a finger to me that she was busy taking to a white man. ..thanks to micheal he gave me a straw with a smile
complaint #611 - Customer Service Issues
Good day Team,

How long should i wait to hear of my application status Jabu from Sasolburg kept saying i should wait...sent him all relevant docs he requested now he does not even pick calls if i call him...
complaint #610 - Customer Service Issues
The entire haircity team in Menlyn which are Tumi, Lesego Shabangu, and Thembi would not refund an amount if R750.00 which was overcharged on my bank account on Saturday 20 October 2018 in their shop. I was told refund would be done on Monday 21 October 2018 and they have not done the refund.

This is stealing. I would like this to be investigated. I would need a feedback urgently.

My contact number is 0722446453.

Ms Makinde.
complaint #609 - Refund / Exchange Issues
On the 11 October 2018 my son and his girlfriend booked with Translux from East London to Port Shepstone. Just after Mount Frere the bus breaks down and they were told to all get onto the City to City bus... only to find that the bus was full and no seats available so they had to stand plus 5 other passengers for more than 50 km. Very illegal to even have people standing never mind being overloaded. When she phoned call centre to complain she was told at least she got to her destination. Point is she did not pay for city to city but translux and also not to stand. Service is disgusting.... As the for the call centre that lady needs to go for client care courses...
complaint #608 - Service Issues
I phoned 0861589282 to find out about to buy a bus ticket for Translux in PE for my mother in law that comes from Port Shepstone on the 18 October2018 bus that leaving 08h20 from Port Shepstone to Port Elizabeth. The lady said I can't buy the ticket at a money market and must go to Translux offices near Greenacres in Ring rd. I went there and explaun to the guy that I want to buy a ticket for my mother in law from Port Shepstone to PE. He was very helpfull and tell me just to take a photo of the receipt and send it through to my mother in law. I did ut and this morning went she want to get on the bus the bus driver was very rude and told her that he want to see the ticket. She told that the receipt is in PE with us. He let her on the bua and said he want to see the ticket in PE. My sister in law said that the driver went on with his ruddness. I will be there tonight with the receipt and if he is rude to me so God help me. We were not wrong because we did what Translux custommer care told us to do and we did what the sales person told us at the PE Trunslux office. Can you please sort out this problem and give me feed back because I will not leave it there. I know the customer is not always right, but if the bus driver is rude to my family for things they do not know of there will be hell to play. Thanks.
complaint #607 - Other Issues
It was about 2:30am on 10 October 2018 i too my very ill sons into Casualty. Upon arriving at the hospital being my first time with my son i had to ask around about the procedure. The non nonchalant security pointed me toward a group of nurses some on their phones while others just gave me that "what do you want look".
After telling them the reason for being there first gave me the wrong place to go and wait for the doctor. they witnessed that my son could not walk upright. after waiting for 20 minutes a sister dragged herself to take his BP, than told him to get urine which was difficult at the time because of the pain, but he eventually gave her the sample. I being the mother was extremely concerned and not knowing the procedure i waited with him when one sister came and said to me quiet rudely that i have to wait outside so outside was just out of the room where my son was eventually she said not here there outside, pointing to the door. she said i could check on him occasionally. when i went back after 1/2 hour my son had not been attended to, than again an hour later a doctor stood at his bed and sorted on waived me away that she was still busy with him. i later later went in he had a drip but it was finished 15 minutes earlier with no one checking that the blood had clocked the drip, eventually after 2.5 hours my son was discharged with pain killers when i asked the nurse what was the diagnosis she turned to my son and said why did you not ask the doctor and turned her back. My son still in pain was shocked at her response. we left the hospital with no improvement in his condition.
After paying R110 and waiting for that time i took my son to a GP and had to pay another amount. Now the money is not the issue but their attitude and rudeness towards people that are really needy.
Even the admin staff when greeting looks down on a person as if they own the place.
i pray to God that i will never be in that situation again to be humiliated and insulted by public servants who should service the general public.
complaint #606 - Service Issues

I want to lay a complaint against Thaletso College Lichtenburg Engineering Department. Been there to register for exam wireman's licence on the 06/09/2018.
Complete the form and did the payment they informed me to pay and then Said come back October for exam dates. Today I arrive there to register for the Exams and they inform me there is still R25.00 outstanding what I then paid.
Know I am informed that I cannot write the exams only next year.
Please be so kind to take this matter up with the college Every time I want to register for exams it's too late or an excuse.
This cannot go on like this please

Thank you
Your Sincere
David van der Merwe
complaint #605 - Service Issues
I borrowed money from the company in June then I was told I qualify for R600 and that's how much I was given so they are going to deduct R400 from my account for 3 months for this R600 so now from July they deducted this money but now they deducted an extra month. What do I do??
complaint #604 - Contract Issues
I was at the shop in East London. When I walked in I asked the guy on duty if I can use the cup for a smoothie. His reply was yes. Then I proceeded to get the frozen yoghart and most of the machines where not working. The when I got the yoghurt I put it down to get my fruit for the smoothie the female behind the counter told me they only do milkshakes as the milk there was only for milkshake and not smoothies.

complaint #603 - Service Issues
Stay clear of this company. They are a bunch of thieves. Just google their names and you will find many swindled clients over the years. Previously operated as du bruyn landscape consultants and their fraud was featured on Carte Blanche
complaint #602 - Customer Service Issues
We are traveling from Jhb to EL,the bus is freaking freezing and I asked the driver to switch off the air con and he replied very rude telling me that I am disturbing him.How is that? For what I know the customer is always right and I have a 2yr old child who will catch a flu and I'm the only one who pays for his medical bills.I don't understand how selfish some people can be.
complaint #601 - Customer Service Issues
My complain is that people traveling from town to Sunnyside, Sunnyside to Hatfield, Sunnyside to Brooklyn, town to Hatfield /Brooklyn, have to pay the same amount as people traveling from town to menlyn where the distance traveled is different. I hope there will be price changes. The more distance traveled the more you will pay..
complaint #600 - Billing or Collection Issues

Good Afternoon

I trust this mail finds you in a better mood then me.

I am beyond being dissappointed with your branch and staff at the CBD Durban, infact im disgusted.

I went to your branch last month to withdraw money from the investment was informed that they couldnt realise the money because there were no employees available to sign cheques.

I requested to speak to the manager as consultant 1 as today told me there was nothing that can be done.

An elderly lady who later introduced herself under the surname Xulu apologised and told me the only option possible was to remove the R5000 in cash which i needed and the rest collect as a notice maybe by the time i return the cheques could be available.

I agreed because she had gained some form of trust from me in the manner which she spoke to me.

Today i requested to leave work early as I had been trying to call the call centre and no one picked up my call to confirm a date when my money would be ready.

I arrived at the bank 14h12 was seen to at 15h20 by consultant 2 who after i had greeted and informed him id like to find out when my money would be ready, laughed and asked which money?

He tell me i will need to put a 32 day notice to recieve my money back which was supposed to be a month ago and was not done.

I asked to speak to the manager he informed me there was no superior available and gave me the same call centre number to go home and call.

My questions to you are:

1)where is the assistance in your bank?

2)Why should I take days off work for my money?

3) Your consultant told me not to come to the bank until I am called back , so regardless of why I need my money and for what purpose is irrelevant to him. If you were in my shoes what would you do?

4) Should I now go to another bank and borrow money for my fathers ceremony?

5) Should I embarrass my family after inviting relatives and cancel a function because your employee failed to do his job.

I would like my money paid back within this week because its has been an inconvience from day 1. Unfortunately I cannot afford to take any more time off work. I work 45 minutes out of the City centre.

Should you decide to call please dont call me with an apology all I want is my money and I promise you, my family and I will never set foot at any of your branches ever again.

I will also lay a complaint with the Ombudsman and anyone who will be willing to lend me an ear.
complaint #599 - Customer Service Issues