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Below is a trail of emails i sent to Chantal at your Gateway branch.Still no reply other than the initial acknowledgement!!

Hi Chantal,

It is nearly 3 weeks since I asked you to quote.

Whats the problem??

If you don’t want my business please say so.


Ken Cox

M: +27 82 458 4489
E: ken*** / ken***

From: Ken Cox [mailto:ken***]
Sent: 04 June 2018 4:55 PM
To: 'Robert, Chantal (DUR)'
Subject: RE: Aus via Mauritius

Hi Chantal,

Any progress?


Ken Cox

M: +27 82 458 4489
E: ken*** / ken***

From: Robert, Chantal (DUR) [mailto:chantal***]
Sent: 28 May 2018 3:18 PM
To: Ken Cox
Subject: RE: Aus via Mauritius

Hi Ken,

Perfect I will have a look at this for you and get a quote to you as soon as possible.

Kindest Regards,

Chantal Robert Travel Agent
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From: Ken Cox [mailto:ken***]
Sent: 28 May 2018 01:49 PM
To: Robert, Chantal (DUR)
Subject: Aus via Mauritius

Hi Chantal,

We want to go to Perth via Mauritius spending say 5 nights on the way there in Mau.

Want to arrive in Perth about 28/29th September and return to Dbn about 3 weeks later say around 18th Oct.

Want to stay in Grande Baie so need to include transfers to airport.

Hotel B+B approx. 4star

Can you see what you can find.


Ken Cox

M: +27 82 458 4489
E: ken*** / ken***

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complaint #563 - Service Issues
I think this problem can be sorted by retrieval his money back and menstruate his name that what he needs.
complaint #562 -
Good morning I'm Mr Mpungose at Mandeni I found that I have a contract that I made on 2009 but I don't know about that they deduct my government pension without my permission they takes R250.05 for 24 month now if I want a contract where I sign they told me that contract is lost what process can I follow because I want my money back my contact no 0822179303
complaint #561 - Contract Issues
Reply by Sizakele Ntanzi on 8 June, 2018
I think this problem can be sorted by retrieval his money back and menstruate his name that what he needs.
I had to find the waitress to order food. When I found her she was having a fun time talking to her colleagues. Order was incorrect and service was extremely slow. When I complained to the manager I didnt even get an apology. I will never go there again and will never recommend that spur to anyone.
complaint #560 - Customer Service Issues
I visited one of your outlet in dobsonvile yesterday to get take away,i order rice and fish and requested that my fish to be grilled,upon receiving my order I checked if the fish was grilled cause on the 5th of may 2018 I ordered grilled fish but when I got home my fish was fried.first bite of the fish felt like the fish was off,i called the store to tell them that the fish was off the lady suggested that I come back to the shop to get another order but I felt like it was unfair,i was already home at that time it was unfair for me to go back to the shop late at night for a mistake that should have happened in the first place,fishways don't you ensure your food are always fresh?or its allowed cause your outlet is based in a township?can we get the same service and products as the people in posh places.please.Im seriously not impressed.
complaint #559 - Other Issues
I have settled account with iemas but the debut oder for last went through then i called for follow-up they told me to email my documents which is refund letter,id copy,bank statement on Monday i already done i didnt receive any rospend frm iemas abt my matter than again yeast day i hv iemas my documents again to ref*** no one responded to my request then again call them this morning one of their consultant told that she help me frm his site.and she confirmed the receiving of my documents,now my life turned to be mass i fired by my landlord bcos i didnt pay his rent im suffering now bcos of iemas my accounts are not up to date today bcos of iemas,its pity for me my id numbers is 8608125706087
complaint #558 - Refund / Exchange Issues
I waited on the line for 5 hrs. Consultant are slow if look like they not know what they doing.this is bad bad seriously. Management to address this pls.
complaint #557 - Customer Service Issues
receipt no 3691, the chicken at mt edgecombe old mill convenience centre is always cold to the bone. this is so irritating and frustrating, especially when I have to wait 25mins for my order and get served with a meal straight from the fridge. i ask for my chicken to be made well done, but the chicken is white as a ghost. i asked for extra basting sauce, the chicken is dry as ever, the chicken advertised looks delicious, but thats not what we get. why is this always the case? we never get what we ask for? unhappy and disappointed
Product Issues Photo

complaint #556 - Product Issues
On the 25/04/18 I visited Medirite pharmacy Twin city mall Bloemfontein to fetch my repeat treatment only to find that the pharmaci would be opened at 08h30 by 08h35 i asked the lady who was cleaning the business hours she went back and asked the pharmaciste inside and they said it they open at 09h00.I aas crossed because their trade hrs said 08h30 and there was no any notice if there was a change,they never had a decency to explain if there was any change for that matter I was from nite duty waited from 07h00 for nothing.Please if thats so then they must change those trading hours they have put there.

Location: Twin city mall
complaint #555 - Other Issues
To whom it may concern, I am a pregnant mother admitted in FER hospital for labour, firstly iam a high risk patient, I had two miscarriage and one still birth, first of all the doctor that saw me was drunk, his surname is Doctor musomi, then I was admitted to labor the nurses are rude, they told us straight that we are going to sleep on banches and it's not their problem, one of the nurses who was rude is sister Zanele Zungu, her other colleagues did not put their name tags, can u imagine being pregnant and sleeping on the bench, please help because we are being treated like dirt yet they get paid, the team that was working on the 16-04-2018 from morning need discipline, they seem to forget why they are here.
Delivery Issues Photo

complaint #554 - Delivery Issues
Friday 13th April went to Dischem Bedford Square puchased a cosmetic from counter BIONIKE requested a certain colour to my disappointment i was issued the incorrect colour, cause she was having a conversation! had to drive back from Edenvale on my return Sunday 16/4/ this lady told me we have no stock went to counter no 007 115678 P.RAMOTHIBE gave me a credit and asked me to wait, she came back with the product I requested, where the lady at the cosmetic counter told me, Dischem has no stock, I was amazed and the polite and helpful manner P.RAMOTHIBE helped me, without being ignored, good for you P.RAMOTHIBE thank you for your wonderful help
complaint #553 - Customer Service Issues
On friday 13:4:18 I ordered food online from steers and after waiting more then 2hours and making +/-3 calls to the store the food arrived ice cold and when I complained to the driver he was actually laughing and making a joke about the cold food. While I was on the fone once again with the manager the driver said the manager said if he leaves the food he will have to pay for it so I asked him now what am I suppuse to do about that he then said keep it because he had other orders to deliver still and seeing I had to go to the store on Sunday 15:4:18 as arranged by Willemiena (store manager) it can be sorted out then. Now Willemiena is calling my gf threatening to lay a case against us because we didnt pay and took the food by force. If that was the case why wouldn't we take all the food he had?
This I'm gona take to the media and social media as well because its realy terrible service and what do I do about her threat's?
complaint #552 - Other Issues
I regularly purchase Barcelos Chicken in Jean Avenue Centurion. On the 23rd of March I bought the whole chicken special with the coleslaw/rice/garlic loaf etc. ..let me tell you I was so dissapointed. I tried calling the store that luck...the chicken that was supposed to be a full chicken was literally just bones..hardly no meat on it. Flame grilled, no. It was also pink inside. I then called the following morning to get told that the manager/owner is not in. His cell no was given but he did not call me back or answer my calls. I also left a message with the staff to ask manager to call me...nothing happened. Eventually, I called his cell no again and his wife answered. After explaiming to the owner what was wrong and that I demand him to replace the food purchased and that I will see him that next day. He simply told me that I could come and see him but I wouldn't be getting anything from him. He was rude and was not in the slightest way interested in sorting the issue out...very disgusted with his service etc. You may call me on 062 433 4882
complaint #551 - Product Issues
We paid a deposit when we rented a flat at lotus park under the name of Mr Maharaj in July 2017. In October we had to leave the place because it was storm damaged, since then we have been requesting for our deposit but we have been sent from pillar to post without getting the money back. Please assist us.
complaint #550 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Went to hassims Mokopane tile department Sunday the 8 of April 2018 no one was inside the store all staff was outside eating I enter the store try helping myself after 30mins one guy came look at me then I ask him abt what I want and I also need quotation after a long waiting for help we reach the counter and he ask me what are going to use this tile 4 when I respond one customer came a male guy then he attend him while he was help me and was left alone while I came first and while I even wait for them finish eating was it I was a women they dnt care that much no hassihassim Mokopane tile shop treat us fair was need 30 box of tile with its cement and grout but left with my money cuz was left out like a fool
complaint #549 - Customer Service Issues
I walked into, and again straight out of, the Uzzi store in Fourways Mall yesterday. The staff were awful. Firstly, the music was way too loud, making their conversation even louder (the woman behind the till, and her assistant Sibusiso I believe is his name). She was fighting on the phone with what might have been a child, and he was gleefully listening and passing comment. Both ignored me.
I will most definitely not go in there again. They were, typically, rude, inattentive, 100% busy with what they were doing, talking to each other, and ignoring the customer who was there to buy her husband an anniversary gift. I went elsewhere for it.
complaint #548 - Customer Service Issues
Do not use this shipping agent.
All my valuable possessions were stolen before they had even reached the warehouse in Durban. Two Indian males came to collect and pack the items. They placed the valuable silverware in the top part of the box, then they clearly marked the box on the outside with the word “silverware”. The box was opened in the van en-route back to the warehouse in Durban. I know this for a fact because that section of the journey, from its pick up point to the warehouse is the only time these individuals are not supervised or filmed on CCTV. When my possessions (what was left of them) arrived in the UK, the box had clearly been opened and resealed, was half empty and filled with the same paper that they had used to wrap other items. The clearing agents in the UK confirmed that the clearing was a "Closed Box" clearance.

I immediately contacted the Durban agents, who not only ignored my emails and avoided my phone calls, but when I called the Branch Manager, Mr Stephen Goulding, he got angry with me, told me that there was nothing he could do and he put the phone down, cutting me off. Such a nasty individual. That was the last contact I have had with anyone in that company. They were extremely unhelpful and unfriendly, have not responded to my request for an investigation and have avoided my calls .(International phone calls each time I might add).

I asked for a police docket for theft to be opened and an investigation done, but this was ignored by Intertrans and their Insurance agents. I was told by the insurance company to conduct my own investigation. (From the UK) So basically the company is endorsing the theft. “help yourselves Intertrans employees, these suckers are moving overseas and there is nothing they can do about it.”
The final straw is that the insurance pay out was not the full insured amount because they say I did receive some of my possessions. Which theoretically, is true, however it was all the non-valuable sentimental stuff. My insurance calculations was based on the valuable items, all of which were stolen. But the insurance people have calculated on a partial delivery and they took 15% excess as well. Therefore the pay out barely covers the costs of the shipping, let alone the valuable items, which were in fact family heirlooms, engraved with the family crest, bequeathed to me from my grandmother and mother and are totally irreplaceable.
complaint #547 - Other Issues
i agree Jane. their service has gone down the drain and they have the cheek to say they are the best? heaven h4elp us if their interpretation of "best" is what they deliver. i have been with them for 21 years and they dont give a damn that they messed up. on top of it their senior execs are nowhere to be found
complaint #546 -
The complaint is mainly about the fact that you try for the whole day to get through to their telephone lines, to no avail. When it eventually ring no one picks up phone. and when you try again it says line is busy. This is not the first time it has happened it has always been like that. If you send an email they take the whole week before they respond. This goes again the Batho Pele Principles that they paste on all their walls. it is very bad. As well as when you get helped by them they have extreme attitude with you and are very rude and have no way of talking to people. Its disgusting to say the least.
complaint #545 - Customer Service Issues
This guy Yoshlin Naidoo took my deposit made appointments then always came up with reasons as to why he could not make it, once I was fed up I asked for my deposit back and he has since lied about having actioned and eft.he is untrustworthy and a liar
complaint #544 - Other Issues