Consumer Complaints & Negative Reviews

Do not use this shipping agent.
All my valuable possessions were stolen before they had even reached the warehouse in Durban. Two Indian males came to collect and pack the items. They placed the valuable silverware in the top part of the box, then they clearly marked the box on the outside with the word “silverware”. The box was opened in the van en-route back to the warehouse in Durban. I know this for a fact because that section of the journey, from its pick up point to the warehouse is the only time these individuals are not supervised or filmed on CCTV. When my possessions (what was left of them) arrived in the UK, the box had clearly been opened and resealed, was half empty and filled with the same paper that they had used to wrap other items. The clearing agents in the UK confirmed that the clearing was a "Closed Box" clearance.

I immediately contacted the Durban agents, who not only ignored my emails and avoided my phone calls, but when I called the Branch Manager, Mr Stephen Goulding, he got angry with me, told me that there was nothing he could do and he put the phone down, cutting me off. Such a nasty individual. That was the last contact I have had with anyone in that company. They were extremely unhelpful and unfriendly, have not responded to my request for an investigation and have avoided my calls .(International phone calls each time I might add).

I asked for a police docket for theft to be opened and an investigation done, but this was ignored by Intertrans and their Insurance agents. I was told by the insurance company to conduct my own investigation. (From the UK) So basically the company is endorsing the theft. “help yourselves Intertrans employees, these suckers are moving overseas and there is nothing they can do about it.”
The final straw is that the insurance pay out was not the full insured amount because they say I did receive some of my possessions. Which theoretically, is true, however it was all the non-valuable sentimental stuff. My insurance calculations was based on the valuable items, all of which were stolen. But the insurance people have calculated on a partial delivery and they took 15% excess as well. Therefore the pay out barely covers the costs of the shipping, let alone the valuable items, which were in fact family heirlooms, engraved with the family crest, bequeathed to me from my grandmother and mother and are totally irreplaceable.
complaint #547 - Other Issues
i agree Jane. their service has gone down the drain and they have the cheek to say they are the best? heaven h4elp us if their interpretation of "best" is what they deliver. i have been with them for 21 years and they dont give a damn that they messed up. on top of it their senior execs are nowhere to be found
complaint #546 -
The complaint is mainly about the fact that you try for the whole day to get through to their telephone lines, to no avail. When it eventually ring no one picks up phone. and when you try again it says line is busy. This is not the first time it has happened it has always been like that. If you send an email they take the whole week before they respond. This goes again the Batho Pele Principles that they paste on all their walls. it is very bad. As well as when you get helped by them they have extreme attitude with you and are very rude and have no way of talking to people. Its disgusting to say the least.
complaint #545 - Customer Service Issues
This guy Yoshlin Naidoo took my deposit made appointments then always came up with reasons as to why he could not make it, once I was fed up I asked for my deposit back and he has since lied about having actioned and eft.he is untrustworthy and a liar
complaint #544 - Other Issues
To whom it may concern,

I bought a brand new Kia Cerato Koup from Kia in 2012 for R230 000.00.

I went to Imperial Nissan South Africa Eat Rand Mall to find out how much they would offer me for my vehicle and they offered me R100 000.00 as is.

I believed KIA would offer me the same / more seeing as I have a KIA.

I was shocked to hear that they only offered me R65 000.00. That was actually extremelly insulting. The worst part is that the dealer principle who looked at my vehicle gave the salesman a quote and ran away. He did not even have the decency to explain why or listen to what I had to say aboutht the vehicle.

I would like to take this matter further. Please send me the email addresses of all regional managers/ directors…etc.

Kind regards,

Gareth Baptista
Telephone 072 760 2070
complaint #543 - Customer Service Issues
Good day

i went to ABSA MAYVILLE on 5th February 2018 and they ask me if i want to change to check account because my monthly cost on my savings is very high,

normally R450 upwards, but when i check end of Feb 2018 (i did change to check account) my cost per month is nearly the same as my savings account
So for me it was no use to change just a waist of time


Place: Shop 16 Mayville Mall, Van Rensburg Street, Mayville, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0084
complaint #542 - Other Issues
We contracted them after meeting them at the ECR home show. The design looked good initially and we paid a hefty deposit. We were fortunate that they did some of the work but it cost us to constantly supervise, threaten and push for work to be done. Their plans were poor, not to scale and it was constant crisis management. Just before December they asked for more funds to order in crucial materials before the contractors closure but since then we've seen none of the materials these funds were meant for. They've since admitted they do not know where these funds are and that they have no funds to continue the project. We are aware of several other people in the area taken by these people. We have also since then learnt this is not the first time they have done this. They were even featured on Carte Blanche for conning unsuspecting home-owners in Gauteng under the company name of De Bruyn Landscaping. See link :

We have also since discovered they don't pay staff nor their contractors. They use scab labour off the streets and have almost no permanent personnel. You can almost never get hold of the two director brothers De Bruyn as there is no voicemail facility on their phone and you are lucky if they respond via email or Whatsapp. A 6 week project in now in it's sixth month. These guys are thieves and conmen and I would suggest you avoid them like the plague.

Place: Pinnacle Park, Dawood Close, Ballito, Kwazulu Natal
complaint #541 - Delivery Issues
Yesterday, 04/03/2017 i visited Checkers Kuruman at 13:05 and went straight to the Medirite department. There were two ladies at the back of the counter. One assisted me with the name of Lonely Thamage, Pharmacy Manager. While explaining to her our problem that we experiencing with a sick person at home, she keep on telling us that they are closed. I asked and telling her that the shelf or the counter's blinds is not close and they are standing there at the back. Trying to tell her that we only needed a cough medication for my family member she keeps on telling the same story, "we closed". I asked her name and when she step closer I saw that she is the Pharmacy Manager that was really a big shock as she could have take her own initiative to assist us only with a cough medication "Linctopen" as that is what helps him with his coughing problem. I drove from Kimberley to Kuruman yesterday to give my support to my family as he is sick in bed and no one to drive to town for medication.

This was really a bad service that could have been resolved only by assisting us with the medication.

I no that some of the staff of most companies take that attitude as they no that nothing will be done with the complain but me in person would really like feedback on this complaint.
complaint #540 - Service Issues
My boyfriend and I ordered the 4 square pizza options in a box and were very very disappointed. The pizza's were sloppy, drowned in sauce and the last time I checked Pizza had cheese on it - which Debonairs were clearly not aware of.
complaint #538 - Product Issues
Good day.. I was at jimmys Glynnwood branch on Friday..I bought a meat Gatsby.they said 10-15mins, it took 25mins & there was no customers inda shop.when I got home & cut for the family only to realise the whole base was fungus..being so hungry we only ate the filling to our bigger suprise there was only chips & salad in it & fewww pieces of polony..
I'm really upset coz I buy 2x a month from jimmys & this was the worst food ever..ROTTEN ROLL
complaint #537 - Other Issues
I recently went to absa at 3 pm friday afternoon advising the teller I needed to do an urgent payment for a vehicle. He started giving me options like using the atm outside etc . Which he then said took 48hrw to reflect which didnt help me. I again stated I needed assistance asap. He stated it would be best to do an Internet transfer and same will take 2 hours to reflect in the sellers account. I was asked to proceed to the customer desk to assist with online banking. Which I did. I explained that the guy asked me to see her in order make the payment of x amount immediately . To which I requested assistance as I do not recall registering for online banking nor did I have login details. She was most unhelpful with the process which delayed the matter further. Eventually we get started and the branch pc for
online transaction doesnt work. She ask me to use my device. Which I did. We go on to log in etc to which we get told now that it may take a few hours for a new beneficiary name to appear which the teller failed to explain. Attempt one go through the entire process to be then asked what my limit is when this should have been addressed first when I requested assistance with the particular amount. 2nd attempt after limit exceeded stated as its after hours a lower amount needs to be transferred. 3rd attempt 4 smaller transaction done and told after 2 hrs all will be sorted. After spending over and hour at the bank for a simple transaction I received a message that payments failed due to limits as a result I cannot collect my vehicle as scheduled I incurred additional bank charges for 4 transactions and am stranded without a vehicle. Disgusted. I could not even speak to the manager as I was so frustrated and upset with the level of service .the manager walked up and down and not once asked why is a client there for more than an hour.absa killarney is a no no
complaint #536 - Service Issues
Policy no: 10171089

Hi we bought a house in 2016 June ,we then found out that there were people staying in the property which they refuse to move out claiming that its their birth right to stay there ,They even have people that are staying at the back renting to them . We've been waiting to get justice but they keep on postponing the matter.

This has cause a lot of stress and chronic illness to my family due this money that we paying for ,its like going through the drain R6600 its a lot for us.
complaint #535 - Other Issues
EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I paid her almost R 4500 for a Ferrari Themed Birthday party for my 1 year old. I was very specific about my theme colour choices and even mailed her pictures of the red, yellow and white and black checkerd flag accents that I wanted. To my horror my 1 year old's birthday setup looked more like a dark gloomy funeral. She gave me nothing that I wanted or that we discussed. EVERYTHING was all BLACK!!!!!!!!!
For the kiddies she gave BLACK table cloths, BLACK chair covers, a BLACK gazebo, BLACK party boxes and even BLACK BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!! She did not eveb have the decency to give a single theme coloured balloon (red, yellow, white) for the kids. Only BLACK!!! How ridiculous!!!!!! Once I paid her more than half of the deposit, she refused to answer any of my calls as she already had my money and only responded to my sms's a day later. She is extremely rude and unproffessional. A total waste of money! DO NOT use this woman's services to plan your child's party!!!!!!!
complaint #534 - Service Issues
OutSurance does not have an email address where you can email someone your requirements and the call centre is 'experiencing technical difficulties". No details for Willem Roos. So how confident are you re your service??? When I do finally get hold of someone he is completely irritated with me that I am wanting to cancel my policy!!!
complaint #533 - Customer Service Issues
On the 9th February on Gumtree I saw a Canon 7D Mkll advertised By Steven from Howick. He responded to say he was marketing for Noon Electronis and gave me their email address. I contacted them and a Paul Andrews responded by saying Yes they had New Canon 7D Mkll bodies for R14000. I paid by eft and sent proof of payment on the 10th February. On the 12th I enquired if they had dispatched the camera and the response was I must be patient that they would dispatch immediately they had the payment. I enquired again on the 15th February and got a response from Speed Delivery Courier that they were delivering on 16th at 4.30 pm. Non was delivered. All attempts to telephone the courier or Noon or emails to them and the Steve have met with no reponse.
complaint #532 - Delivery Issues
bought set of sofas at Bradlows cash 24/11/2017 two months later they started Fluffing went back to report the matter to the shop Bradlows acknowledged my complaint and came and fetch the set of sofas 02/02/2018 up until today no one has made an effort to update me on what is happening my family is sitting on the floor i want a replacement i cant carry on sitting on the floor.if they had been informing me of the progress i would have been satisfied but i am now frustrated as i can see that they have no consideration for me at all.
They must now replace the sofas due to their lack of consideration and communication.Now i received a call from warehouse they told me i have to pay R3192 if i want my sofas to be repaired
complaint #531 - Repair Issues
To go for a normal business upgrade it took me the whole day from around 10 to 15:59, then further more 1 teller working, floor manager watching tv, que for the electronics backed up busy day and you find random groceries shopping customers in electronic que what a waste waiting with an 18 month old baby call Makro manager and what happend even less what a waste of a day Never again
complaint #530 - Customer Service Issues
For most of last year on almost a bi-weekly basis Gareth would promise to deliver all my broken items. e.g. the lid of my washing machine, the dry fry oven glass bowl that was according to him custom made because he could not buy the item, the lid of my gas weber was never replaced but they tried to mend it but it still was not properly done, ect ect.... at least 3 glass broken bowls, picture frame glass and many more
complaint #529 - Customer Service Issues
I order my Books via Unisa. Paid for it in cash was told to use DSV/UTI - Suncouriers for speedy delivery. I tracked my delivery up to the 8the of Feb wher it was booked in at UTI/Suncouriers. To date 16.02.2018 no delivery was made to me. I have phoned a number of times, then they can not trace it, then they do not know where it is, then they have delivered it, but not to me! I am still waiting for my delivery.

Pathetic is not the word!
Inconstancy is not an excuse!

Will u repay me if I fail my year and my book fees?

This depot is situated not even 5 km from me and they take over 2 weeks on a delivery!
complaint #528 - Delivery Issues
Tania Lhotsky, the Director of this company is a THIEF AND A LIAR!! She stole R150k from me and has yet to pay it back. Booked a trip to Cancun in December 2017, paid her in full in July 2017 and when we arrived at our destination, were told that I needed to pay for my accommodation as only $2 was paid to reserve the room.
She continuously lies and is a parasite to society!!
complaint #527 - Refund / Exchange Issues