Late bus Consumer Complaint

I am Ayanda Mneno I booked a ticket on the 12 of September 2018 to go from cape town to port Elizabeth on the 14 September 218,i informed the sales person I need to board at Bellville station .The bus was scheduled for 06:30 in cape town ,so he told me it's 06:45 at Bellville station.This morning I was at Bellville station at 06:45 ,the bus arrived at 09:30 when I enter the bus the drivers told me to thank them because according to the bus booking no one for them to pick up at Bellville station ,when I try to explain they were so rude to me ,the one checking our tickets told me they need to reduce the energy I have,and the problem that my husband didn't give me money is not their problem,i was so hurt ,because I am stressed about how i am gonna get, transport to the house when I get to port Elizabeth ,bcz the bus is now two and half late
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