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I was admitted on Friday the 31st of August for a laparatomy, 1. I don't remember having my HB checked prior to the operation, nonetheless, the procedure went well. When I came back from the operation(around 11:30), I complained of being cold and was in a lot of pain. A blanket was only brought to me 20mins after I had requested one. The post operation was only observed for an hour in 15 minutes intervals and the rest of the observations(half hourly and hourly) were cooked.Then food was brought to me about 30mins later(grilled chicken, rice and gravy) shouldn't post operation diets be light meals? Like yogurt/soup and jelly? . Then I was given IV Meds and after it was finished, the drip stayed 1:30 minutes without being closed, then one of the sisters I'm guessing she's s shift leader asked why I didn't report or call for help, I told her the bell to alert is far and why is she only doing her rounds now knowing very well I'm back from theatre(this was around 3:30pm), then the operational manager came to reassure me. At night my wound was bleeding. Nurse Petunia without sterile gloves, without washing her hands, without using swabs from a sterile a pack removed the dressing then wiped the wound, I was in awe!!! The rooms are dirty, the cleaner uses one mop to clean the bathroom and the actual room where we sleep, where is the sterility in that? I complained of pain from one of the nurses and she told me the pharmacy is still closed and this was past 11, I couldn't bare the pain so I asked my sister to get me the same medicine that was prescribed. I'm a very disappointed in the treatment and care of this hospital.i pray I make it till tomorrow l
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