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Congella, 329 Sydney Road, Durban, 7540, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
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I was at your store to buy supplies for ours as we are renovating. I found a kitchen tap and when I returned today, the sales person told me it is out of stock.
Our factory Manager who was with me, went to the manager without me knowing and asked if he would sell the one on display.
I accepted the display model and your manager offered a 5% discount on his own account explaining that it was a display model, however he wanted to charge me for the piping which comes with Frankie Taps
I told him that I didn't care about the price but I wasn't going to pay for a tap at full price so he refused to sell it to me. I'm one of the buyers for our company and I get most of our supplies from you because you are the closest to our factory.
I won't say that I won't let my guys shop at your store because there are guys like Nigel who offer and unbeatable service. I would like you to ask your manager that if I had bought a Frankie tap which had scratches on it for R822.95, would I get the piping which is supplied with it? I'm in sales to so I'm very mindful when I address people but it is the first time a store manage upset me. I don't care about the tap cause it was for someone else I was helping and they will get it from Gelmar.
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