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On the 11 October 2018 my son and his girlfriend booked with Translux from East London to Port Shepstone. Just after Mount Frere the bus breaks down and they were told to all get onto the City to City bus... only to find that the bus was full and no seats available so they had to stand plus 5 other passengers for more than 50 km. Very illegal to even have people standing never mind being overloaded. When she phoned call centre to complain she was told at least she got to her destination. Point is she did not pay for city to city but translux and also not to stand. Service is disgusting.... As the for the call centre that lady needs to go for client care courses...
complaint #608 - Service Issues
I phoned 0861589282 to find out about to buy a bus ticket for Translux in PE for my mother in law that comes from Port Shepstone on the 18 October2018 bus that leaving 08h20 from Port Shepstone to Port Elizabeth. The lady said I can't buy the ticket at a money market and must go to Translux offices near Greenacres in Ring rd. I went there and explaun to the guy that I want to buy a ticket for my mother in law from Port Shepstone to PE. He was very helpfull and tell me just to take a photo of the receipt and send it through to my mother in law. I did ut and this morning went she want to get on the bus the bus driver was very rude and told her that he want to see the ticket. She told that the receipt is in PE with us. He let her on the bua and said he want to see the ticket in PE. My sister in law said that the driver went on with his ruddness. I will be there tonight with the receipt and if he is rude to me so God help me. We were not wrong because we did what Translux custommer care told us to do and we did what the sales person told us at the PE Trunslux office. Can you please sort out this problem and give me feed back because I will not leave it there. I know the customer is not always right, but if the bus driver is rude to my family for things they do not know of there will be hell to play. Thanks.
complaint #607 - Other Issues
We are traveling from Jhb to EL,the bus is freaking freezing and I asked the driver to switch off the air con and he replied very rude telling me that I am disturbing him.How is that? For what I know the customer is always right and I have a 2yr old child who will catch a flu and I'm the only one who pays for his medical bills.I don't understand how selfish some people can be.
complaint #601 - Customer Service Issues
On the 23.9 contacted Call Centre due unexpected emergency had to get my Son from Plettenberg Bay to East London, was told there was Translux Bus departing at 14.20. When Son went to Ultra City a City to City Bus arrived, so quickly phoned Call Centre to make sure it wasn't the City to City Bus, was told very rudely that the Translux coming well still waiting, no Bus. No need to be rude, don't answer phone professionally either. I have now booked with Intercape handled very professionally. And Son delayed & only coming home 24.6. Have seen many Complaints on Hello Peter all bad service.
complaint #597 - Customer Service Issues
I am Ayanda Mneno I booked a ticket on the 12 of September 2018 to go from cape town to port Elizabeth on the 14 September 218,i informed the sales person I need to board at Bellville station .The bus was scheduled for 06:30 in cape town ,so he told me it's 06:45 at Bellville station.This morning I was at Bellville station at 06:45 ,the bus arrived at 09:30 when I enter the bus the drivers told me to thank them because according to the bus booking no one for them to pick up at Bellville station ,when I try to explain they were so rude to me ,the one checking our tickets told me they need to reduce the energy I have,and the problem that my husband didn't give me money is not their problem,i was so hurt ,because I am stressed about how i am gonna get, transport to the house when I get to port Elizabeth ,bcz the bus is now two and half late
complaint #591 - Other Issues
At the present moment I am very unhappy with your service I'm booked on a bus to Bloemfontein and was told the next bus is at 16h15 thats really unexeptable even last Sunday when I came I was booked for 04h45 and I changed my booking by paying an extra R10 the bus was supposed to be in Bloemfontein 02h20 and almost came at 03h00 so why did I pay this extra R10 this is really unfair to us as customers
complaint #586 - Other Issues
Was driving north on the M1 towards JHB Town. Translux Bus in front of me number plate ZGF032GP.
Ahead of us was an accident where there was spillage and glass on the road.
Under normal circumstances you slow down as a driver in the event of an accident.
Bus driver did not slow down therefore the bus tyres picked up glass from the road and chipped my windscreen.
I tried stopping the bus Driver twice to show him what happened and eventually he pulled off to check.
The co-driver got out to check, and when I asked for his name and the registration number of the bus he just pulled up his shoulders and walked away. Not apology? Think this was very arrogant and no etiquette. Is this the type of people we have serving the public? Does not cost you anything to say I’m sorry or apologise.
Called Translux and today got a number 012 748 7333 for the complaints Lady by the name of Rebone.
Rebone gave me a number for Jimmy 0607465272. Called Jimmy and he dropped the phone on me. Called again and did not pick up his phone. Send him a sms message and no reply. Called again and his phone is switched off. In the meantime the driver did report the incident with their office and told the office nothing happened. In other words what he said is that he did not see any chips on the windscreen. Can I please have their Manager to come and view my windscreen right now if possible?
Also need to know where does this leave me.
complaint #581 - Other Issues
Reply by Fay Myers on 24 August, 2018
Your reply unacceptable, reply stipulate my complaint but no outcome. My last paragraph in former complaint asked where does this incident leave me? Asked of someone to come out and check my windscreen? My windscreen chipped and Translux reply!!!


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If my voice is heard who's fixing my car's windscreen?
Can I get a distinct answer urgently. What is approved? Your comments not clear to me?
What has been approved?
Where is the person that must come out and check my car's windscreen? I'm I being given the run around to exhaust me and forget about the whole incident. What happened to accountability and responsibility. Who’s fixing my windscreen?
More over your Driver did report the incident but lied!!!
Is this because I’m a woman and must except being a walk over?

We are travelling from Johannesburg to PE.The bus got stuck in Mokopane.The mechanic only arrived at 03.23 am.We have been stuck in the dark for more than 3 hours.
complaint #575 - Repair Issues
Travelled with Tranlus from Durban to Bloemfontein on 04/02/2018. The condition of the bus both in and out were in a despicable condition. There were cockroaches crawling everywhere and breeding in the vents. this is not only unhygienic but also very unprofessional and a total rip off. PASSENGERS ARE PAYING FOR A SERVICE AND THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT PAYING CUSTOMERS. Translux seriously needs their buses fumigated and seats/curtains dry cleaned ASAP!!!!!!!!!!


complaint #521 - Other Issues
My adult son finally boarded a Translux bus in Plett destined for Cape Town today, 16 Jan 2018. The bus never arrived on time, in fact it was 2 hours late. After being very patient for far too long I decided to attempt to call TRANSLUX. I struggled but finally got through. During the 14 calls trying to get info, I received nothing but bad attitude, bad service & no information as to where the bus was, where it was coming from or the correct info as to why the delay. One lady basically to be grateful she called me back, even though she had no idea as to where the bus was. On my last call with Translux a lady said the bus was stuck in Plett traffic. Really??? Plett has no traffic & the bus comes directly off the N2 into Shell Ultra City. We waited & waited..Eventually I spoke to a bus driver from City to City who told me the bus was broken down in Storms River. When the bus finally arrived, the driver was disgustingly rude, never said "Hello" or apologised for the delay. He never got off his seat or offered to put my sons bags in the hold/baggage area. The bus was very full but there were seats available in the front so my son politely asked him if he may sit there. The driver rudely replied that he must sit where he is told & that the front seats were for people with no legs. My son had to leave his luggage at the front of the bus & is now sitting at the back, without any view of his bags. When I asked the bus driver what the reason was for the 2 hour delay he said "roadblock". Really? All the other busses coming from that direction seemed to manage to arrive at Plett Ultra City on time! I was then told to step down off the bus & the door was closed in my face. I pray that my son arrives safely in Cape Town with his luggage.

In future, if there is no other bus service available other than Translux, I would rather choose the option of travelling by donkey.


PS I tried to contact Translux's Head Office by using the number on the website but the number no longer exists!
Awesome service - NOT!!!
complaint #500 - Service Issues
Reply by Mzi Nocuthu on 13 September, 2018
I have lost my laggage travelling with translux from Durban to Pretoria.i could not get help from the driver,to the officed and client service line is a disgrace.since monday on 10/09/18 up untill today i have not get any help or explanation.I'm frustrated i've lost everything.

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