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Brakpan - Civic Centre, Elliot And Escombe Rd, Gauteng, South Africa
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Been sitting waiting for more than an hour for room 6 after the nurse saw only me sitting and waiting.
complaint #579 - Customer Service Issues
I was very disappointed to go to Brakpan clinic for no help at all. First of all they couldn't find my file with my background history, the nurse refused to help me with a new file and I had an emergency situation. I was sent back and forth because of the file. I was given a referral letter for hospital without check up or being asked what's wrong. The nurse/sister had attitude the entire time
complaint #568 - Service Issues
The nurses tend to drag their feet when attending to family planning and babies as the average waiting time is 15-20 minutes but we've been sitting at the clinic from 10 and still sitting at 14:00
complaint #519 - Service Issues

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